British and British commonwealth inspired coffee house on Blackstock road, Finsbury Park and now 266 High Rd, Tottenham.

We serve home made food and hand-roasted coffee from commonwealth countries.

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Welcome to good ole’ Blighty!

Our mission is to celebrate the food, drink and coffee of Great Britain and the Commonwealth nations.

We want to share our passion for food and drink with as many people as possible, welcoming them with the warm spirit of friendship and togetherness that makes Britain and the Commonwealth so Great!

Opened in 2013, we have celebrated the countries, cultures and people of Britain and the British commonwealth. We source our beans from Ethiopia, Kenya, India, Tanzania, Papua New Guinea and Malawi. We roast them ourselves to ensure we are serving the highest quality drink possible. Our food menu is also inspired by the Blighty commonwealth. Our signature dish ‘The Winston’ was recently voted the best full English in the UK.

We welcome you to our coffee house to enjoy some coffee, food and jovial company.

Who we are





Ed Yarnton

General manager and Head Barista


Gareth Middleton

Head Chef


Nicola Aylett

Project Manager



Assistant Manager and Barista



Sous Chef



Head of Charity india-photo


Anna Niman



Mark Knox






Krzysztof Gicala


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Our coffee

We use seasonal green coffee beans sourced from British commonwealth countries only ie Ethiopia, Malawi, Kenya, India and Papua New Guinea. We hand roast the beans ourselves and strive to pour the perfect cup of coffee every time.

We source green coffee that is some of the best in the world and usually gain access to it as soon as it arrives in the UK, so you are able to drink some of the freshest and best coffee out there!

We have a few signature drinks including the Orancino (Terry’s Chocolate Orange in a cup) and the Spitfire (a short milk drink with cinnamon and chocolate).

Current Coffee

Kenya Gatina AB

A fine expression of what a Kenyan coffee can be, wonderful juiciness, with notes of pineapple and blackcurrants and a round toffee finish.

Ethiopia Kebel Konga

Also a good representation of a washed Ethiopian. With Jasmine tea and peach like notes up front and then a caramel nectar finish.

No blends to show...


– The Winston (Full English) – £9.50
– The Clementine (Full Vegetarian English) – £9.50
– Fanny’s Hotpot – £9
– Brighton Toast – £9
– Egg Shropshire – £7.70 (veg)
– Eggs Lincolnshire – £8
– Eggs Scoland – £8.5
– London toast – £6.70 (veg)
– Canuck Pancakes – £8
– Melbourne toast – £9

The food experience

Our food menu is inspired by dishes from across the British commonwealth from the UK to Fiji and the Falkland Isles. Where possible we use locally sourced ingredients from local suppliers and create fresh food daily on site.
Our signature dishes are the Winston (Churchill) and the Clementine (Churchill) – our meat and veg full Englishes respectively.
Try them for a hearty brunch!

We are always looking for local suppliers so please contact us if you wish to supply in our shop.

Coffee shop

Our front of house coffee shop is conveniently located on the busy and cosmopolitan, Blackstock road. We supply a daily newspaper for our customers perusal, free wifi and a warm welcoming environment.


Patrons of 20th century coffee houses would often drink a dark brewed coffee with a cigar or cigarette. Smokers can still enjoy this tradition in our secret garden complete with smoking jackets and hat.


Our lounge is a step back in time to a Blighty gone by. We have carefully selected a number of antique items in order to create a vintage feel. We also have the Clementine bar in the lounge which we use for special evening events.

Blighty Arts

Upstairs and above the coffee shop we are also home to the Blighty Arts Workspace. Blighty Arts is a business networking club for creative Finsbury park entrepreneurs. For more information:

Our events

Like the coffee houses of old we aim to support the local community by running and hosting social events. We have life art and portrait drawing classes every Thursday, table tennis tournaments, singing contests, latte art competitions and political debates.

Our book swap can be found in the lounge.

Host your event

Are you interested in hosting an event at Blighty or using our kitchen?

We have reasonable rates – please contact us for details.

Upcoming Events

we host a weekly Life Drawing Class on thursdays at 7pm as well as yoga classes. check our Facebook page for more details.


Finsbury Park

35-37 Blackstock road
N4 2JF

Weekdays: 7am – 4:30pm
Weekends: 9am – 5pm
Brunch only served until 3pm


266 High Rd
N15 4AJ

Tues-Fri: 7am – 5pm
Weekends: 9am – 5pm

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